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The Liquidity Event

Oct 7, 2022

Be warned, dear listeners: Spooks abound in this episode where we talk about horror movie-induced insomnia, attempting to join Delta Airlines' secret society, and seedy casino crawls. Then, we hit Intel's IPO for Mobileye, their autonomous driving technologies company, as we ask ourselves "how soon will the car become the chauffeur?" Remember the ice bucket challenge for ALS research back in 2014? This week, the FDA approved a new drug to treat ALS because of that funding and, in doing so, warmed the hearts of everyone who believes in this cause. Political rhetoric abounds as politicians with deep pockets and even deeper fears of being audited vilify the IRS with disinformation. That's more scary than spooky. And finally, you didn't hear it from us, but DISCLOSURE is the name of the game when using your social media channels to promote the latest crypto. This week, Kim K learns a tough lesson from the SEC about disclosure. Hit play and hear our hot takes!


The Ice Bucket Challenge wasn't just for social media. It helped fund a new ALS drug

Kim Kardashian to Pay $1.26 Million to Settle S.E.C. Charges Over Crypto Promotion

Gary Gensler: SEC Charges Kim Kardashian for Unlawfully Touting Crypto Security

Sense and Nonsense About the IRS’ Funding Increase From Congress


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